Helping you fill your water bottle when out and about

Stay hydrated. Save money. Reduce plastic waste. Save the world.

Don’t be a dill, refill!

Use and refill your re-useable water bottle when you’re out and about and say no to plastic bottled water.

A million plastic water bottles are bought around the world every minute – 91% of which are not recycled!  Ending up in landfill and oceans, this plastic is killing our sea turtles, sea birds, being ingested by fish, dolphins and whales and ending up in our food chain – harming us too!  Together, we can change this!

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So, what is Refillr?

Refillr is your all day, every day, eco-hero pal and sidekick! 

It’s you handy free mobile app which will help you refill your water bottle when you’re out and about. You’ll be able to stay hydrated, save money, say ‘no’ to plastic bottled water and save the planet bu reducing plastic waste.

Calling all cafes & local businesses

Becoming a Refillr Station is easy and plus it has some super perks too.

You could find yourself attracting new customers (you’re welcome), you will definitely be helping to look after our marine environment, our planet and us humans too, and you know that Bonnie Tyler song about needing a hero – that could be you.

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