There are some great rivalries of all time that have fuelled passion, fire and emotion over the decades; Collingwood versus Carlton, cat people versus dog people, Holden versus Ford. However, one that I have personally loved (and tried to explain to international guests on numerous occasions) is the infamous rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney.

Both Melbournites and Sydneysiders will agree that we both live in two of the greatest cities in the world. But as to who held the best Olympics, who has the best restaurants and, as per today’s report by global consulting giant McKinsey, labelling Sydney a “super city” and Melbourne a “regional hub”, I’m here to settle this score once and for all, based on their planet friendly and eco-friendly credentials.

Introducing Refillr to the City of Sydney was easy going. Being such a busy and vibrant place, we were extremely grateful and pleasantly surprised by their amazing help and responsiveness. When it came to support and enthusiasm for Refillr, and our ability to help reduce plastic waste, the City of Sydney were fantastic. The team behind the scenes are genuinely committed to making a positive difference to the people and businesses within Sydney, they are aware of the problems surrounding plastic waste and plastic pollution and extremely open to innovative solutions.

As such we are super thrilled to be adding the City of Sydney’s 200+ water fountains to Refillr. With the help of the City of Sydney, we want to make it easy for all Sydneysiders to reduce their plastic waste, to say hydrated, save money and save our planet. So, back to our rivalry of Sydney versus Melbourne and who is the eco-friendliest? I declare this one a tie!

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