Sea Turtles have survived the dinosaurs but can they survive man?

In the beginning there were two girls, a trip to Tin Can Bay and an information board in the local park…The year was 2015 and our already organic, ethical and sustainable crusaders, Sandy and Belinda, came across an information board in the local park that said: Sea Turtles Have Survived the Dinosaurs. But Will They Survive Man?

The board went on to explain that plastic pollution was killing our sea turtles and marine life and that the problem was so bad, there was a good chance that sea turtles may become extinct in the future. Due to our actions.

Not ones to sit around and do nothing, Sandy and Belinda wanted to create a solution, a tool that would help reduce plastic waste on a local and global scale and in particular to address the massive number of plastic water bottles ending up in landfill and oceans. And so, Refillr was born!

Welcome to Refillr!

We hope we can make it easier for you to refill your reusable water bottle when out and about. We know drinking water is great for our health, but we also know how destructive plastic water bottles are and can be.

Every time you choose to refill, rather than buy a plastic bottle of water, you’re making a difference. And it is this micro action, by you and millions of other people, that will change our world.

We look forward to being on this journey with you so let us know what you think. Our goal is to have places and cafés all over the world where people can refill their water bottles for free, to see beaches filled with footprints and sandcastles, not plastic water bottles, and to see sea turtles, plus their penguin, sea bird, dolphin and whale friends, still happily swimming and flying around for many, many, MANY more years to come.

Together, we believe we can make awesome things happen.