Suggest a Refillr Station

At Refillr, we’re big believers in the more the merrier! So, the more Refillr Water Stations we have, the merrier our oceans, planet and marine life will be. And the healthier and happier we’ll be too!

Suggest a Refillr Cafe or Business

If you have a favourite café, know an awesome business or just need to have somewhere you can refill your water bottle on the way home from work, we’d love to hear from you.

Just email us and we’ll get in touch with the Refillr Station to be as soon as we can

Know Something We Don’t?

If you know of a drinking fountain, public water tap or location where people can fill up their water bottles for free and that’s not on our map, don’t keep it a secret and to yourself!

On the Refillr app simply tap and hold on the map over the location and enter their details. Voila! And that’s your good deed for the day sorted.